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Sarah Banks

Sarah Banks is adorable but she is also filthy. She is the best combination of both worlds. Her super cute smile and face make her tattooed as and filthy mouth a surprise. She loves sex. The rougher the better. Sarah likes to be covered in spit and fucked like a whore. She loves her asshole and pussy fucked hard. Either one after the next or at the same time. Sarah Banks is proud of how hard her holes can get railed. She never has been pounded hard enough. Sarah Banks is a petite beauty who loves sex. She might be tiny, but this ebony anal slut can take the dick. Sarah loves huge cocks stretching open her tight shaved pussy and asshole. She loves rough sex. Sarah wants to be choked and spit on while being fucked like a whore. The harder she is being fucked and the more degrading names she is being called, the wetter her pussy gets. Sarah has a great ass which is accentuated by tattoos. No matter how big the dick is going inside her, Sarah is always ready.

Please cast your vote. | Avg Rating: 4.9

96 Photos, 35:21 | 2018-08-23

Please cast your vote. | Avg Rating: 4.9

96 Photos, 40:33 | 2017-09-11