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Kenzie Taylor

Kenzie Taylor is a big boobs blonde slut. Often categorized as a MILF, Kenzie Taylor is just a woman who knows what she likes. And that is to be fucked hard. Kenzie Taylor's blonde hair and blue eyes give her an innocent look. However, Kenzie is far from innocent. This bombshell blonde is an anal whore who loves to fuck. She can take it as hard as you can give it. Nothing is too much for Kenzie Taylor. One cock or ten, She can handle it with ease.

Kenzie Taylor is built for porn. Her massive tits and tiny waist make her the perfect porn slut. She is walking jerk off material. Kenzie loves to fuck. She has squirting orgasms from anal sex. When big cocks get pushed into her tight asshole Kenzie goes into a trance. Her eyes roll back in her head and she starts to cum almost at once. Her love for anal sex is just the beginning.

Kenzie Taylor can enjoy sex just as much when it is slow and romantic as when it is hard and rough. She is known for being a go to girl in porn. Whether you want a filthy anal whore to get gangbanged, or a sexy bombshell blonde to do some high class romance, Kenzie is your girl. She will be genuine and able to make the sex great no matter what is requested of her. One thing for sure, Kenzie Taylor is a born porn star.

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