Sophia Grace Anal Rock Star


Being a teen looking woman may look so fragile to others but Sophia Grace is one of a kind. This woman can take some things to an extent where most people don’t tread casually. In this episode, the people dubbed Sophia ‘anal fuck doll’. Johnny Castle is here to show us what that means. This is our TED talk but only a bit more sexual. A FUCK talk. You know that a woman is into some freaky shit if she rocks a leash-looking accessory and clothing that resembles a string that covers nothing. Being the way she is, Sophia awaits John on a glass wall overlooking the city. He introduces himself by fondling her tits and licking her ass. You know the usual. After giving some good licking, Sophia kneels down to lick Johnny’s almighty fuck rod. Not licking actually, she tries to take it all down to her throat at some point. Now everyone’s ready, she gets a big fat cock into her ass from behind. Being fucked hard, she can’t maintain her position and lies down for a bit to be still fucked but now, sideways and all around. Johnny grabs Sophia by the neck to pin her down while still pumping her through her ass. This is to keep her in place and you know, to be kinky. We think that Sophia loves the view from the room because after being in the couch for some time, she gets fucked against the glass window. They eventually go back to the couch and Johnny continues fucking Sophia while she’s on all fours. The last act involves her riding that dick into completion. She suck Johnny’s remaining strength resulting in him giving her some pastry called creampie. We don’t know if you heard of it, but is definitely one hell of a sight.


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