Shana Lane's Ass Filled Up and Fucked Deep


Shana Lane, Stev-O


Shana Lane is an exotic brunette is ready to be served and fucked hard. Stev-O is the guy for the job. Despite looking really intimidating, he handled Shana gently in the start. He is generous enough to get Shana started. He handled Shana’s cunt and ass like a pro. Shana just moaned in pleasure as he just doing his charity work for Shana. As time goes by, he just gets a little rougher in finger fucking Shana. The way Shana smiles, she knows that she’s in for a treat. When he’s done with his introductions, he made Shana kneel and just let her gag on his fat dick. To make things worse (or better), he just carries Shana around like an object to fuck her mouth as he see fit. At one point, Shana is upside down on the couch while he just fucked her mouth with force, leaving her face covered in her own spit. After that, he just flips Shana over so her ass is now facing him. He lubes out the poor lady and starts fucking that ass like there’s no tomorrow. She gets and occasional slaps in her face. Apparently, that’s what the lady is into. It might be surprising at this point but Shana didn’t stop smiling even being treated like less than a human. Stev-O kept up his power fucking for a while and just flipping her over to change angles. He fucked very possibly angle of that ass. From behind, on her back or sideways— you name it. He made sure that all is covered. But that is not the only thing he covered for this thing. At the end, after making her gag on her dick for few more times, he gave Shana a good facial and let her clean up her mess on his dick.


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