Jessie Volt In a Hot Anal Threesome


Jessie Volt


A man invites two hookers to watch them fuck one another while he jerks off. The two girls are Jessie Volt and her best friend and partner. The two girls are licking each other's pussies getting themselves wet fingering each other and being rough. The whole time the man is sitting in the Shadows and watching them with their lust. At one point Jessie brings out a butt plug and starts shoving it up her friend's ass. However, the man is soon bored and invites his black friend over. The two girls immediately jump at the chance to have sex with this hung man. The man starts fucking Jessie in the ass hard. While he's fucking her, Jessie's friend is sitting next to them stroking her clit, getting hot and wet. After the man is done fucking Jessie he moves on to fucking her friend in the ass. Fucking her so hard that she can barely take it. Once the man has had enough of their asses he takes his dick out and blows his load all over the two cross faces.


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