Cassie Fire

About Cassie Fire:

Cassie Fire is a sexy Russian girl. Her big shapely ass always is admired by others. She likes to be the center of attention and to flaunt what she's got. Cassie loves to pose and feel sexy by letting others watch her. She knows that her DSL's make all the boys want her on her knees. Cassie likes to tease men with just that. She wants her partner excited to the point where they take her roughly. Cassie loves to be slapped around and fucked hard. She enjoys being manhandled and treated like a peace of meat. Cassie's dream is to be gangbanged by a large group of men who spend hours passing her around and cumming inside her tight ass.

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Cassie Fire

Scenes with Cassie Fire:
Models: Cassie Fire, James Deen
39 minutes